Fingerprint Collection

  • Fingerprint pendant available in Gold or Sterling Silver
  • It is an impression left by the friction ridges of the finger of your loved one, that you carry close to your heart, forever. Available in Sterling Silver and Gold.
  • The fingerprint measures approx. 7-9 mm in diameter.
  • You can purchase the necklace for the pendant in the same metal.
  • All of the fingerprint pendants are different because they are unique to you and can vary depending on the pressure you put in the model or on how your imprint is, or the age of the child. The bigger the child the strongest is the fingerprint. Anyhow, will be your unique impression that will be reflected in the metal that will stay forever with you.
  • It is very easy to achieve:
    • Make an appointment to my workshop in Bronte so we can do it together
    • OR – I can send you the model piece, with the instructions for you to do it at home and send it back to me.
      • If you choose that option, there is a $40 charge, anywhere in Australia.
      • It includes the model sent to you, an express post bag for you to send it back and then the postage with the completed piece.

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