Archi Collection

This collection embodies the knowledge and ideas gathered during my architectural studies of volume and space. Also borrowed, is the concept of The Endless Collection. I have employed the idea of the Mobius strip, where the ends of a ribbon are joined together to form a continuous loop, and reinterpreted to describe the concept of perpetual movement. This object representing the continued strength of the person carrying it.
This collection is based on an exercise taken during the early days of my architectural studies where I was taught how to understand and manage two dimensional shapes into a three dimensional volume. I have created from a strip of metal which is a two dimensional plane a tridimensional volume, thus creating a spatial Illusion. This tridimensional volume is able to capture the space between volumes, the spaces within the volume, and also defines their relationship with the external space.
The objects in this collection are able to use the person as the concept of the “in-between the object and space” creating a relationship between the carrier and the object. This jewellery is a volume that contains the space, but at the same time floats within itself with a constant movement.

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